Following A Movie In Development: MegaBall$

Megaball$ posterIn a series of articles we will be charting the course of several movie projects across a number of months from inception through to hopefully sales and distribution.

The aim is for other filmmakers to get an insight into and hopefully learn something useful about the process of a movie in development.

The first focuses on the currently in-development indie comedy MegaBall$, scripted by Marc Baron.

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5 Under-The-Radar Indie Movies To Keep An Eye On For 2013


Genre: comedy

This is an interesting one to begin with. First-time director Pete Walton is currently shooting his comedy movie Inverted in 5 countries across Europe – a somewhat epic scope for an indie. It follows the escapades of two friends as they journey around Europe in search of, well, themselves. It features David Masterson, who provided the voices for Kaleb Lechowski’s viral-sensation sci-fi short R’ha.

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