A Director Talks About Making A Short Film In New York

OD posterIn this article director Luis Miranda talks about making his short film O.D in New York on a low budget, and offers some advice for first-time filmmakers.

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Following A Movie In Development: MegaBall$

Megaball$ posterIn a series of articles we will be charting the course of several movie projects across a number of months from inception through to hopefully sales and distribution.

The aim is for other filmmakers to get an insight into and hopefully learn something useful about the process of a movie in development.

The first focuses on the currently in-development indie comedy MegaBall$, scripted by Marc Baron.

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How To Get Your Life Story Made Into A Movie

Photo by SQSPhotography

For this article we asked Praq Rado, star of indie movie Dreaming American,  to share with our readers how he managed to persuade an Emmy-winning director to turn his life story into a movie – despite initially having no connections in the movie industry to turn to.

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