12 Components Of Great Movie Trailers On A Microbudget

Tom-FordDirector Tom Ford reveals how he created a very impressive trailer incorporating aerial footage for his horror movie The Stray despite the confines of a low budget.

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How To Make An International Epic Movie On A Microbudget

Pete-WaltonIn this article Pete Walton, director of the comedy movie Inverted, offers budgeting advice for those wishing to make a movie in several countries on a low budget. Pete managed to film Inverted in 5 countries for less than $7000.

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5 Must-Have Pieces Of Kit For The Travelling Filmmaker

Maciej KwiecinskiFor this article we asked globetrotting filmmaker Maciej Kwiecinski of the Trolleywood School of Video to share with us some of the items he considers essential when on the move as a filmmaker.

Maciej has worked on productions as far flung as South Africa, Poland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece and Serbia – the last 5 while working as director of photography on the indie comedy Inverted due for release later this year.

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5 Under-The-Radar Indie Movies To Keep An Eye On For 2013


Genre: comedy

This is an interesting one to begin with. First-time director Pete Walton is currently shooting his comedy movie Inverted in 5 countries across Europe – a somewhat epic scope for an indie. It follows the escapades of two friends as they journey around Europe in search of, well, themselves. It features David Masterson, who provided the voices for Kaleb Lechowski’s viral-sensation sci-fi short R’ha.

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